No TV blog would be any good if without talking about Seinfeld, so I’ll kick off mine with talking about arguably the most iconic television show in history.   Might I just add as a side note that it seems to me that sitcoms particularly used to last much longer and have so much more of an impact than today’s shows.  Full House, Roseanne, Home Improvement, Friends, Seinfeld, the Cosby Show.  All went 10 seasons +. Most still are on television somewhere.  But maybe I should save that rant for another post.

I’d like to take a moment to simply highlight my absolute favorite moments from Seinfeld and take a look at what made it such a great show.

One of the great things about the show is that it not only had tremendous iconic individual moments, but had iconic reoccurring moments.  A look first at some of the best single moments.


And now a refreshing look at some of the reoccurring jokes, like a Hello Newman, or any of Kramer’s entrances.

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