I can not say the word T.V. anymore without in the very same breath mentioning something about Game of Thrones.  I get it, it’s not for everyone, maybe it’s not your thing.  For me I was instantly hooked from the very first second.  I probably didn’t hurt that I really like Sean Bean and Mark Addy, who are two of the main characters of the first season.  Oh yeah, forgot to mention SPOILER ALERTS…..


Ok, now to continue.  In becoming slowly addicted to Game of Thrones, I also became completely enamored by the complexity of all the characters.  To see George R. R. Martin’s characters come to life in such a way has been phenomenal.  The depth of the story is breathtaking and the amounts of layers and open ended stories that it creates seems to be endless.  Quickly on to my favorite part.  As much as I want Jon Snow and Khaleesi Targaryan to take their rightful places on the throne of Westeros.  The person I find myself rooting for the most is Tyrion Lannister played by Peter Dinklage.


Tyrion in the midst of all of the primary story line continues to play a more and more important part throughout the story paralleling that of both Danaerys and Jon Snow, as character that slowly become revealed of those of higher importance.  All the while remaining the ultimate under dog because of family stature, position, his father, and ultimately his size.  Tyrion is a dwarf and in a land where you must kill to survive at one point or another the odds are always stacked against him regardless of the scenario.  Being highly intelligent and having the gift of gab he seems to be able to talk his way out of any situation and continually escapes deaths clutches while helping others along the way.  And it certainly proves for great entertainment any time he has a monologue.

If you haven’t watched it yet I’m sure it’s because someone told you that its just a bunch of graphic violence and nudity.  Let me say this, the show is so much more than that.  I will agree the first season and particularly the first episode was probably the worst in that regard, but it has tapered off as episodes have come and gone, and become a more balanced show and the directors and producers have grown with it.

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No TV blog would be any good if without talking about Seinfeld, so I’ll kick off mine with talking about arguably the most iconic television show in history.   Might I just add as a side note that it seems to me that sitcoms particularly used to last much longer and have so much more of an impact than today’s shows.  Full House, Roseanne, Home Improvement, Friends, Seinfeld, the Cosby Show.  All went 10 seasons +. Most still are on television somewhere.  But maybe I should save that rant for another post.

I’d like to take a moment to simply highlight my absolute favorite moments from Seinfeld and take a look at what made it such a great show.

One of the great things about the show is that it not only had tremendous iconic individual moments, but had iconic reoccurring moments.  A look first at some of the best single moments.


And now a refreshing look at some of the reoccurring jokes, like a Hello Newman, or any of Kramer’s entrances.

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I am freaking addicted to good TV

Hi, I’m Patricia,  thanks for stopping by, to discuss a little bit about what makes good, and bad TV.  Obviously some taste is in the beholder, but for the purposes of this blog, the beholder will be right.  Sit back and buckle up because there are some laughs ahead, as well as some highlighting of what is painful about some shows today.  Check back soon for new posts!

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